Thursday, October 7, 2010

That's Right. I Said Jelly

I have a reputation as a good cook, and a crafty person, but not everything always goes well for me.  I  have always had trouble with jellies and jams setting properly.  This year, before last sunday, I had made:

3 batches of runny Peach Jalepeno Jam
1 batch of runny regular Peach Jam
1 batch of super gummy Grape Jelly
1 batch of Grape Syrup (supposed to have been Jelly-which I had processed twice, with a new package of pectin each time).

On Saturday George took me to the Franklin Applefest, and bought me a fresh load of produce including 2 fresh batches of grapes.  So once again with some trepidation I set out to make Jelly.  I am pretty sure that the problem with the syrup is that I forgot to boil the juice and pectin before I added the sugar.  And I am happy to report that I was successful and now have a pantry full of 3 types of grape jelly, Mixed Grape (3 colors)  Concord Grape, and Grape Apple (which I made by re-cooking the pulp from the first two batches with the apple cores from the 18 pints of applesauce that I also made that day).  I still don't know what my Jam problem is, but I am more confident that I can make grape jelly.

Also I made more soup and applesauce.  And I began my venture into pressure canning with green beans.

But that is another post...

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